I remember, back at the start, having a conversation about what kind of writer I was. “It only matters what you are if you're a cooper or a cobbler. It doesn't matter what kind of writer you are, just write,” a writer friend told me.

So I did. At first I wrote maritime feature stories, the kind that lured me from the Midwest as a green 20-something to the banks of Cape Cod. There I shoved off for the Grand Banks of Newfoundland as a deckhand aboard a 125-foot schooner. Somewhere in the middle of the North Atlantic I realized there was a bigness in ideas, and deep value in navigating through them to find what waits on the other side.

Where I landed was an iconic sneaker company on the eve of its 100-year anniversary. Converse. Over the next seven years, I wrote a lot of words. Enough for the entire brand. I wrote about basketball and Rock & Roll and sneakers. I wrote for campaigns, initiatives, launches, collaborations, retail, digital, print, events, you name it. But what I really wrote about was the creative spirit. How it fuels people, brings them together, pushes them beyond what was thought possible. And how a brand can stand for that, embody it, inspire it. In doing so, I gave Converse a voice. But, even more importantly, I learned how to see a brand holistically, how to build from the inside out, how to consider each part knowing that, together, they become a force.

Understanding what lives at the heart of a brand, and how to chart its course, is why I write. And the thing is, every brand (like every person) has one. That's why, these days, I think about and write about many brands. Footwear. Coffee. Beauty. Health Food. Non-Profits. And, every once in a while, a salty brand. Across in-house, branding firm and integrated advertising experience, my writing takes the form of Brand Positioning, Brand Stories, Concepting, Naming, Taglines, Headlines, Packaging, Retail, Live and Digital content. Because it’s still not about what kind of writer I am, just that I navigate in and write my way out.  


Brands: Converse / Nike / KEEN / Sorel / Sperry Top-Sider / Keds / Earth Footwear / Nau Apparel / Stance Socks / Pepsi / Gatorade / Starbucks Coffee / Tully’s Coffee / Mr. Coffee / Green Mountain Coffee Roasters / Stacy's Pita Chips / Cracker Jack'd Snacks / Slurpee / PetSmart / PlayNetwork / Microsoft / Golazo Natural Sports Fuel / Rumble Supershake / Speakman / Swanson Studio / The Portland Opera / Planned Parenthood / IslandWood / Free The Children / Jermaine Kearse Foundation / Snapfish / Arizona State University / Brooks Running / Moving Comfort / Julep / Trace / Apera / TATCHA / Indeed Laboratories / BRIKA / Owl Good / FosterClub / Mouthwatchers / Lindt Chocolate / Osram Sylvania / Maine Medical / Emery-Waterhouse / New England Ropes / Sailing Life Magazine / American Faith by Christopher Churchill