Front of pack messaging features the specific 1:1 give via a clear call to action, as well as an illustrated narrative phrase supporting each impact. For example, for the Water Rafiki, "Something as simple as clean water can change a person’s life—and yet we take it for granted every day." Or, for the Food Rafiki, "Feeling full begins with healthy meals. It extends to everything that feeds us—in our bodies, in our communities, in our world." 
 This limited edition Income   Rafiki Friend Chain provides parents—especially mothers—with tools to generate sustainable sources of income, increase savings and start their own businesses.  In Swahili, the word for friend is  rafiki . Each of these handmade chains is lovingly beaded by a Maasai mama in Kenya. This rafiki provides alternative income and livelihood training that ensures long-term solutions to economic challenges. 
Made For Giving
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